Web Design vs. APP Design

There are differences in designing for websites and applications, and this should totally influence your thinking and projects development.

The UI of websites tends to explore images, decorative elements, longer texts and a promotional appeal for conversions, while on APPs we need leaner interfaces with quick and easy access to primary functions, focus on the use of technology offered by the device (GPS, touch screen gestures, etc.) and a more linear navigation, since the user must clearly have the ways to start a task and go to the end.

An important difference between web and app design to take into account is the screens size, the amount of text, images resolution and especially the navigation flow.

I can conclude that there are also innumerable similarities between web design and APP design. Both should:

  • Be practical and easy to use;
  • Offer the user a pleasant experience throughout the process of conversion and execution of tasks;
  • Be designed for multiple platforms.


My most recent experience designing an APP was “Meu Médico APP”, where I participated in all steps from information architecture, user experience and UI. With this experience I was able to see how many professionals are involved and how many steps are developed before starting the design effectively.

The navigation and how the content and button sizes would be organized were some of the challenges.

Check out the final result of the project:

Click here for a live simulation